A part of the DC STORM philosophy is that team sports do not build character, it reveals it.  As a result we try our best to reward players who make good grades, work hard, and show a commitment to their community.  Read some of our athletic activities featured below.


Club Basketball

In order to keep skills sharp and provide children with a fun summer weekend activity DC STORM provides club basketball all summer long.  Previous trips include games throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. DC STORM basketball has also visited the Virginia Beach area and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


SpeciaL GUests

It is important that youth meet role models who can connect to their experience.  We provide examples of how successful members of the athletic community have overcome difficulty.  Notable people that the DC STORM youth have met include Darrel Young of the Washington Redskins, College basketball Coach Ed Meyers, and world ranked tennis player Nick Kyrgios.


Sporting Events

At DC STORM we find that an excited youth is a motivated youth.  Towards that end members have attended games of the Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals as well as visits to tennis tournaments and activities on college campuses.