DC STORM believes that a student athlete should put their academics first.  As a result we strive to provide every member the best, most well rounded educational opportunities possible.  Below you'll see just some of our academic activities.


Homework Club

Four times a week each member of DC STORM receives expert tutoring from teachers with decades of experience.  Members are provided the direction, technology, and assistance required to achieve the academic success required to participate in team sports.


Cultural Field Trips

An important part of education should be understanding your roots and the factors that continue to create today's culture.  DC STORM makes a great effort to ensure that field trips reflect this value, including excursions to  the Lincoln Memorial:

MLK Memorial, Vietnam Wall, World War II Memorial, and the Korean Memorial. National Museum of African American History and Culture, The Franklin Institute of Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA, Casemate Museum, and the Emancipation Oak in Hampton, VA.


Campus visits

If today's youth plans to attend college, they should see the opportunities and experiences that are available to them.  DC STORM offers well supervised field trips to college campuses so that the members can see what awaits them in a bright and academically inclined future.  DC STORM campus visits include:

Howard University, Hampton University, American University, Georgetown University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University and George Washington University.